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Use geotargeting to increase conversion on your website or webshop

Rinus Reuvekamp

Regardless of the aim of creating a website, website optimization is crème for conversion. The process of optimization is data-driven and more of scientific experiment. Changes can be modified on the website to generate traffic, leads, and conversions.

The elements of every website (navigation, text, design etc.) are within the control of man but what makes up the website is the traffic that needs to be generated. The traffic means the people visiting the website. They are always a different set of people with different characters, genders, and ages.
More significantly, you get web visitors from across the globe (visitors speak different languages; have different climates and different currencies.
Enough of the stories and introduction, this article will answer the questions:

How can you make use of your existing website (whether you have a .com ?English only? website) to reach out to a larger audience?
How can you be sure you are getting the right traffic from the right source?

Not to worry, the answer to the questions asked is GEO TARGETING

The next question to be answered is what is Geo-Targeting?

Geo-Targeting is simply the active response to Geo Location. After the location of the visitor has been identified according to the IP address, Wi-Fi or GPS data, contents targeted towards that region will be visible to the audience.

The bottom line: the result for searches is geo-specific and provides only relevant information on search which increases conversions.

Why is geo targeting important

For conversion tests using different page element, it is advisable to make segmentation based on location. Doing this gives an insight into the best option for your funnel.

5 Ways geo targeting can help you increase conversions

What should be tested?

  1. Running experiment with language: Allow language switch to the visitor country of origin. Take note of what converts better for you when you have different languages. This simply means you should take note of the IP address with the better conversion.
  2. Match currency to measure sales according to location and determine location with the better conversion.
  3. Make offers local and relevant: Ensure you match the offers on your pages to the specific location of the visitor.
  4. Match marketing: different campaigns can be in progress when you use geo-targeting. Ads on the website will be geo-targeted to generate more conversion.
  5. Visual elements should be evaluated: Testing unique and aesthetically pleasing visual elements allows you to understand your funnel.

How to geo-target page

The assumptions made above can be tested;

  1. Try IP address based Redirect on your server
  2. Use Pay-Per-Click platforms like AdWords to test geo-targeting
  3. Target some geo-specific domains and subfolders
  4. Let your contents be Geo-Targeted and IP based

In conclusion, this article explained the invaluable benefits of geo-targeting and how it can help increase conversion. It is important you know that the visitors' location is much more important than the browser or keyword.

The process of targeting specific IP address is simple and beneficial to websites because it does not only match relevant content to visitors, it also helps experiment with traffic for funnel optimization.